Juan was one of the first local surfers in the area and was nicknamed ‘Juan Surfo’.

A true local, Juan has seen this area grow from thick jungle into a vibrant beach community. A hard worker, Juan helped newcomers build and landscape, and eventually learned english. Starting with one surfboard given to him, Juan started a small collection of boards and rented them from his house by word of mouth. Eventually he opened the surf shop – the shop is now 8+ years old. He is proud to be one, if not the only, first TICO owned business in the beach area. Recently, Juan constructed the Surf Lodge Vacation Rentals, located on the beach road.

Juan is extremely grateful to the many people who have given him opportunities that helped him achieve his goals. While in town, you will hear his distinctive laugh, see him playing futbol in the road, or find him out in the waves. If you want to learn to surf, or find a place to stay, contact Juan. ‘SURFO’ is always ready to help and a ton of fun.  Support the local businesses. Gracias!


Juan ‘SURFO’ has many times been mistaken for ‘Jeff Spicoli’ (Sean Penn-Fast Times at Ridgemont High)... but actually he is a one-of-a-kind, fun and helpful ‘dude’.   From a large Costa Rican family, he was born and raised right here in the Nosara area.


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