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Is there really a sure way to unlock Excel spreadsheet? This is one thing that many new users are wondering about. If you want to have a unspared memory for your spreadsheets, this article is written to give you some tips on how to unlock Excel spreadsheet. We have some ways to get your Excel data back just like what you had when you first opened the spreadsheet in Excel. Here are the steps:

Method #1: Learn How to Unlock Excel spreadsheet For previous version or for personal use The first step to unlock Excel spreadsheet for personal use is to remove all the hidden restrictions on your file. Most of the hidden parameters and features of Excel are set in previous versions such as 2021 and earlier. If you want to have the same file like what you used in earlier versions of Excel, you may have to remove all the hidden parameters that are set in the previous version of Excel. To do so, just go to your document properties and remove all the hidden items like AutoFit Column and AutoFit Month.

Method #2: Use a password If the steps above did not work, the second thing that you can do is to use a password as one of the ways of unlocking Excel spreadsheet. Before using a password, you need to create a secure lock or password to prevent changes on the file by unauthorized users. There are a lot of software available that can help you in doing this such as Perfectlock. You can download the software to protect your file with a password. This is important because if someone will manage to access your file if he or she has the password, you won’t be able to save anything else in that file.

Another way of unlocking Excel spreadsheet is to use VBA code. With the help of VBA code, you can change the appearance and behavior of cells in a document. For example, you can change their font size, change their format from Microsoft word to Excel and so on. With the right-click, you can open the VBA editor and type the required VBA code.

But if you forgot password, there’s only one way left for you to unlock Excel spreadsheet. And that is to recreate the document as you where when you were creating it. So before starting with Excel, you need to create a new document. Open the restore point option in Excel to create a restore point.

Type the recovery password. Click on the option named “restore.” Now, you have to choose the same location where you stored the file. Choose the location where you stored your file. Let Excel recover the data. When the recovery is completed, the password protected sheet will be opened.

If you forget the password of spreadsheets in previous years, you can still get them back by using macros and worksheet protection feature in Excel. By opening an existing workbook in Excel and then pressing the “Worksheet Protection” button, you can get Excel to recreate the worksheet as you where when you created it. To do this, first go to the following link for VBA download page and download VBA 2021. Install the program and then open your Excel workbook.

Open the “My Computer” section and then click “LOCAL SCARD_SERIALID”. It will ask you for a recovery password. Type the recovery password and click OK. Then, you will see a list of all your saved files. Right click on the “sheets” folder and click “manage”. It will take you to the “sheets” menu where you can select “create new” and “save to”.

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