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Google spreadsheets are an easy to use yet powerful application to manage your vital records electronically. It is so easy to use that even small children can manipulate it. All you need is a computer and an Internet connection. To make the most of Google spreadsheets, here are a list of free Google Sheets templates which you can easily adapt for your company needs.

Expenses Spreadsheet: You can download this template and have it customized according to your company’s expenses. It will enable you to keep a track of your employees’ expenses such as gas, lunches, meals, and so on. The template also shows the number of employee cell phone minutes used and total phone call minutes used in a month. You can use this spreadsheet to keep a track of expenses and expense reporting.

Company Budget and Revenue Summation: This Google spreadsheet gives you the ability to create your own customized budget and revenue summation. You can easily create columns for your income statement, expense statement and balance sheet. You can customize the spreadsheet for the type of company you are running. You can even change the cell’s color to see the difference in color coding. It allows you to calculate and show the average price of products and services for different locations or departments within a company.

Company Budgets and Income Statement: A company’s budget is one of the most important factors to consider before making any major decisions. This is where a good spreadsheet application such as Google spreadsheet can help. You can have the budget saved into a spreadsheet that has simple budget type. You can then run the spreadsheet applications to check if the budgeting method is working.

Invoices and Payment Information: A very common mistake of small business owners is not making sure that their billing information is correct. This is because many small businesses do not keep accurate records of their invoice and payment information. Most of these companies use accounting software and this is the reason why they cannot account for some of the costs properly. This is where the free Google sheets can come in handy. You can add a column for invoices and payment information and even get an automated email, if you want to send the bills and payment by snail mail.

Project Data Like Budgets and Expenses: Small business owners often forget about the project details of their company. Many companies do not have the right information when they are creating a budget or a monthly overview. This is where the dashboard spreadsheets can come in handy. You can add the project summary and expense data like costs and revenues so that you can run the information in your own reports easily.

Project Data Usage: If you already have an established report, you can include the information about your company in your spreadsheets. It can also be helpful if you have the minutes used by employees in your Google sheet. With this kind of a template, you will not need to spend time in creating an additional report to track the minutes used by employees. This can be done easily and all you have to do is copy the information from your previous month’s dashboard and paste it into your Google sheet. It can be very helpful especially if you want to make some changes in the future.

Google Sheets Template: Many companies have already realized the value of having a Google spreadsheet for their business. In fact, many companies who do not have a spreadsheet have now resorted to buying a Google sheet just so they can keep track of their finances and expenses. The reason why they do this is because it allows them to have a centralized place where they can monitor their business activities and expenses. With these sheets, they can now ensure that their employees are using their cell phones properly or if they have been taking leave, they can now mark them as absent without losing their salary. Other companies use this to update their internal tracking system or to provide an interface for their managers and other department leaders to view data from different parts of the company.

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